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Does any of the following resonate with you?

You have been successful.

You want to make a difference.

You crave authenticity.


You have a bias towards action. More often than not, you’re already a high performer. You probably don’t need coaching to continue your current track of success. You can accomplish most things you pour energy into. You might not even label yourself “an achiever,” but others do. 

Ironically, “success” is also your blindspot. It’s as if, for you, the only thing worse than losing is winning. Some of the worst words you’ve ever said are “Now, what?” You know what it’s like to push a boulder up a hill. It’s what to do when you pass the summit, and the boulder begins to roll down the other side by itself, that throws you for a curve.


You desire and welcome change, because the status quo never satisfies you. No one needs to convince you of how things could be better. You are hungry to see them improve, in meaningful and sustainable ways. Vision for the future may be blurry at the moment, but you won’t settle for anything less than clarity, in every direction.

Your experience also tells you that making a difference isn’t simply a matter of changing rules  or issuing decrees. At a fundamental level, you’re aware you must become the change you want to see in the world, so others have an example to follow. But there are too many variables and scenarios to simply “follow the bouncing ball.” To lead in this capacity requires the counsel and perspective of experienced, outside eyes.


Maybe you’ve burned out, had a nervous breakdown, feel like an imposter or sense pressure, anxiety and self-accusation – especially when things shift around you and the people you lead. You want to be known below the surface … in a world that only knows you by the “mask” you wear. You have a gut sense – there is a way to BE differently in your world. You are mature enough to know that dancing between polar extremes is one of life’s greatest skills. 


Change, Evolution & Leader Transformation

Our ancestors dealt with much more gradual change. In today’s world, it can happen as soon as today, and again tomorrow. We could be 24 hours away from the next leap forward. Human brains and physiology don’t change as fast as environments and trends. If we’re not careful, we can end up going backwards in reaction to the unknown.

Leadership is about positive influence as you work through your own unique journey. You might hold a title/position, or you might not. By leading yourself, your family and organisations and communities …you’ll become a great coach in your own right.

Transformation rewrites the beliefs and stories that drag leaders back to square one. You are a direct product of the beliefs and systems you have created. Coaching helps you identify your limitations, pull them up by the roots and embed permanent change. The story you live will never read the same way again.

To understand how you became who you are, the stories that serve you and the ones that don’t, and how you can lead fresh change going forward… without forgetting that you’re also participating in it – book a chat HERE.

“Joe’s depth-centered approach to mentoring change leaders is in a class by itself. In one “interview” meeting after another, I’ve had the privilege of exposure to his knowledge and deep self-awareness. Following his advice will lead you to truly equitable solutions among ALL stakeholders, instead of a precious few. Joe has the battle scars and the humility to lead from example. He teaches from a knowledge trove you could spend a lifetime reading, and you’d still find new things to learn” 

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