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My name is Joe, and I’m a Change Leadership Expert, Transformation Coach, Master Facilitator, Entrepreneur.

I lead a company of change professionals who are evolving the way that individuals and organisations engage with, lead and grow through change.

Here’s my Official Bio, if you want the real one and what has shaped me, click here.

The bottom line is the first thing you want to know: Is Joe Ringer credible?

Well, I have over 25 years experience in the technology industry consulting and coaching bluechip clients to create and successfully execute strategy across many diverse sectors such as Mining, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Banking, Transport, Utilities, EPCM, Public Sector, Healthcare. I am a global citizen having worked in Australia, New Zealand, U.S, UK, Western Europe, Nordics, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Korea and Japan. My broad skill set  working across delivery, projects, HR, marketing, partnership and sales has given me a unique perspective into change and successful organisational transformation and the dynamics of individual leadership. 

I have coached individuals taking their ideas to startup, executives transitioning from one role to another, business leaders wanting to drive triple bottom line change in their companies, non profit CEO’s driving community change, through to burnt out and disillusioned employees wanting to know “what the hell do I do.”

I speak at conferences, have been nominated for awards. Have been trained and educated in Executive Leadership with Cornell University and Information Studies & Marketing from Wollongong University. I have a long and boring list of accreditations.

Joe Ringer
Joe Ringer Family

“Joe’s depth-centered approach to mentoring change leaders is in a class by itself. In one “interview” meeting after another, I’ve had the privilege of exposure to his knowledge and deep self-awareness. Following his advice will lead you to truly equitable solutions among ALL stakeholders, instead of a precious few. Joe has the battle scars and the humility to lead from example. He teaches from a knowledge trove you could spend a lifetime reading, and you’d still find new things to learn.” 


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