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My name is Joe Ringer: immigrant, life long learner, meditator and peace maker. A man who uses labels … but tries not to define others (or be defined by them.)

I have been at the edge in the depths of depression (amid success).

I have struggled with alcohol.

I question my abilities. I think about quitting. I get trapped defining my value through my work. I have loved deeply … and been abandoned. 

I have journeyed to deep places, to find the indestructible self and integrate it into the boredom and ecstasy of life and work. 

And despite all of this, I still need to take my own medicine.

I was born in England, have a big family in Finland, I live in Australia and I’m endlessly fascinated with Japan. With my beautiful partner Mel, I started a trekking and retreat business called Integral Tracks. It combines travel, adventure, yoga and meditation to create spaces and experiences where people can rest, rejuvenate and engage with change. 

I am a qualified yoga teacher. My weekly joy is to teach and learn from my 95 year old student, Isla. I sell ethical and sustainable yoga products through our online startup, Shala Movement.

I’m passionate about “triple bottom line” business, human and organisational psychology, spirituality, culture and non-violence.

I have a low resting heart rate – around 33 beats per minute. But I come alive in conference rooms, board rooms, yoga spaces or the great outdoors, when leading individuals and groups into uncharted territory. Here I derive my greatest pleasure – helping people tap into answers and resources already within them.

My goal is to create authentic, sustainable and dynamic communities of leaders, ready and willing to do the work of transformation. My work is to serve others. My companies are designed to give. 

Joe Ringer

I got into transformation coaching, change leadership and consulting because of personal experience. I grew up in a highly stable, yet strict and dogmatic spiritual context. Much of life seemed “prescribed,” or dictated to me as a byproduct of religious faith. I married and set out on my career track early, and made steady progress up the corporate ladder.

On the inside, however, I was un-stable. I wasn’t living in touch with my deepest, truest self and calling. As my professional life reached what (I thought) was its zenith, the floor fell out from underneath me. My first marriage ended, and with it went my appetite for living from an inauthentic core.

I learned the hard way – seismic changes in life present us with opportunities. They’re not always pleasant or prosperous ones, to be sure. But then, neither was the corporate ladder – especially if it meant the dissolution of my marriage and persistent troubles with alcohol, just to make a few dollars more.

At this critical juncture, I had a choice. I could drink myself to a lonely, slow-motion demise, resigned to what I’d conditioned myself to expect … 

… or I could become curious – about why things turned out the way they did, and what (if anything) I could do to reverse the trend. 

I’ve come to call this practice “communing with the storm.” Or as one of my teachers calls it, “breathing under water.” It’s the only true and virtuous thing a leader can do, when the levee breaks and our true character gets tested and revealed.

I have communed with the storm through moving countries, my Mum’s journey with cancer, a close relative’s 10-year battle with cancer (and losing her at a young age), starting a business, nearly losing a business, a nervous breakdown, rebuilding trust, becoming a parent and re-balancing of “traditional” gender roles in relationship and family.

This insight is at the core of every offer I make through my company, Unitive, as well as 1-to-1 coaching and in-person retreats. Whereas most of the organisational universe focuses on external adjustments, I believe the only sustainable path is the one that adjusts a person’s internal world. External realities are merely expressions of what lies within.

I’m passionate about handling change differently (and better) than I used to, being conscious about my contribution to the world, and helping others do the same. 

I’ve invested over $100k in my own personal and professional development, a way of life that continues to this day. 

Although this is all true, I’m conscious that perhaps none of it truly matters to you, in this moment.

Here’s what we really need to figure out: is coaching right for you? If it is, am I the right person to help you, at this stage of the journey? Can we build the right level of TRUST for you to lead change in a substantive and meaningful way? 

Book a chat HERE to see if we are a good fit to work together. 

Not after coaching? Join me on a retreat!


Joe Ringer Family

Book a chat HERE to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Not after coaching? Join me on retreat.

“Joe’s depth-centered approach to mentoring change leaders is in a class by itself. In one “interview” meeting after another, I’ve had the privilege of exposure to his knowledge and deep self-awareness. Following his advice will lead you to truly equitable solutions among ALL stakeholders, instead of a precious few. Joe has the battle scars and the humility to lead from example. He teaches from a knowledge trove you could spend a lifetime reading, and you’d still find new things to learn” 

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