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I’m JOE Ringer

Transformation Coach

Helping You Discover and Walk An Authentic Path

Transformation Coaching

Are You a Human Being, or a Human “Doing”?

You probably lead a busy life. By being present to ourselves and the world, we trigger potential for truly being, rather than moving through life on auto-pilot or someone else’s ideas or expectations. You may still be busy, but going forward it will be life-giving and soul-nourishing.

As a transformation coach I guide you to realise your most authentic self, and lead a more purpose-filled life.


What Is Transformation Coaching?

Transformation coaching helps you realise your most authentic self. It goes well beyond a scripted approach to coaching, with a set of tools. It is more than generating options, building a strategy and committing to an action plan. It supersedes goals, clarity and improvement metrics.

Transformational coaching dives deep into the fundamentals of who you are, how you see the world, and what you desire to become (hint: we often are blind to our deepest selves).

I facilitate and guide learning and performance improvement in an environment that is safe, supportive, encouraging and challenging.


Who Is It For?

Transformation coaching can benefit anyone at any stage of adult life. It is  particularly powerful when navigating seasons of change. 

If you are looking for more classical leadership, organisational growth, team, sales and organisational change coaching please visit my company website: www.unitive.org/coaching

What is The Process Like?

Unlike with corporate coaching, Transformation coaching does not follow a specific process, pattern or recipe. It takes time, and powerful insights can emerge at any moment. It is an adventure.


Coaching Packages

(all prices in AUD)


Trusted Advisor – One Year

Get equipped for lasting change and sustained self-transformation. Understand and navigate complex human and business challenges. Having me as a Concierge Trusted Advisor is an investment. It’s like having a concierge medical service. I’m there for you when you need support.


Thinking Partnership – 6 months

Lets overcome serious obstacles, find traction and create new results. Expand your self insight, discard patterns that no longer serve you, and develop new ones that help you navigate change and improve results. We will meet twice monthly and work to expand your belief and capacity.


Kick Start

We will meet twice for powerful 90 minute sessions. Regain your momentum, become an expert at identifying blind spots, learn to navigate shifts and improve your results. I ask centering questions to prepare you for transformation. You answer them with the resources of the universe inside.


About Me

My name is Joe, and I’m passionate about handling change differently (and better) than I used to.

Can you relate to the pressure, anxiety and self-accusation when things begin to shift on your watch?

Have you ever cracked underneath weight, or resorted to strong-arm tactics in response to something you didn’t really understand?

Personal experience is why I got into change management and consulting.


“Joe’s depth-centered approach to mentoring change leaders is in a class by itself. In one “interview” meeting after another, I’ve had the privilege of exposure to his knowledge and deep self-awareness. Following his advice will lead you to truly equitable solutions among ALL stakeholders, instead of a precious few. Joe has the battle scars and the humility to lead from example. He teaches from a knowledge trove you could spend a lifetime reading, and you’d still find new things to learn”

“Joe excels in facilitation, strategy development and growth planning. Joe has accumulated an extremely broad set of experiences through performing this style of consulting globally within large multinationals and I have no hesitation to recommend his services to drive business growth.”

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Discovering Your Own Path Today!